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Natural Wax Candles

Hand-Poured in Oxfordshire

Made With Love

Every NC Oxford candle is individually wicked, poured, finished and packaged by hand, and our quality control ensures that only the best leave our Oxfordshire workshop.

Natural Soy Wax

NC Oxford candles are made from natural and sustainable soy wax. Not only is this good for the environment, but it means that your NC Oxford candle will have a slow, clean burn.

Nothing But The Best

Every scent in our candle range has been hand picked using the finest quality fragrance oils to ensure that your NC Oxford candle will fill your room with wonderful aromas

Enhance With Scent

Based in the heart of the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, NC Oxford produces a range of lovingly crafted, hand poured scented candles. Each fragrance is thoughtfully chosen and combined to produce wonderful candles that will fill your home comforting and welcoming aromas.

Our candles are made from the finest quality soy wax, chosen for its characteristic clean burn as well as being natural and sustainable. We use the most luxurious fragrance oils expertly balanced to produce wonderful aromas. Our candles’ simple yet stylish design will compliment any room or occasion effortlessly. All of our 220ml jar candles are completed with a highly polished stainless steel ‘snuffer’ lid to lock in the the fragrance and keep your candle as good on the last burn as it is on the first.

Our ‘Quintessentially Oxford’ fragrances take inspiration from the historic city of Oxford with its dreaming spires and the enchanting countryside beyond.

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